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LSR Motorsports Trackday Events

2015 LSR Motorsports Trackdays, Marshall Martin is inviting like minded karters to join us at the track.

What makes these events different from racing? Well, these events are for racers and those kart owners who are looking for a place to use their kart with other karters for a day of fun, relaxation and speed. None of the pressures of racing, just a good time.

Currently we are using MRP Motorsports as the venue, the track features a multitude of layouts, a reasonably nice pit area, and it's a challenging track. We p;an to hit other tracks in the future.

The best thing about a kart trackday vs a car or motorcycle is the cost. For around $50.00 you enjoy all day track rental. These events are not private, we may have to work sessions between MRP rentals. You will however get a ton of track time with drivers of all speeds, some fast drivers, some medium drivers and maybe a few slower drivers.

Marshall Martin will be on hand to handle CRG and Rotax questions and can offer setup advise. Al Menting (certified Rotax engine rebuilder) should be at some of the events and can assist in your Rotax questions.

Track record holder, MRP champion and all around fast kid Josh Menting as well as kart champion Eric LaLone will join us from time to time and can help anyone looking for lines, getting faster or just general karting advise.

The MRP staff are on hand if you own a Birel and need some assistance as well. MRP also offers kart rentals, Honda 4 stroke, Yamaha KT 100's and Rotax 125's. We are however open to any make/model of kart and their owners who would like to join us.

Test drives may be available. If you are looking to test a new or used kart let us know.

We will also have a professional photographer at most of the events!

Generally we also meet for dinner after the event.

Overall though we are just looking for people who want to kart and have a good time. So if your kart is just sitting in the garage now is the time to drag it out, get it running and join us because there are a lot of other karters who want to hit the track with you.

If this fits your idea of fun karting the dates we will be at the track are listed below. Additional dates to be added.

Date Where Photos
July 6th MRP Motorsports Park VIEW trackday photos
July 31st MRP Motorsports Park VIEW trackday photos

LSR Motorsports Trackdays - Customer Rusty Hibbs

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